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Patty and Alan's Love Story

On Valentines Day this year, Foundation4Love was so excited to be able to give back to this couple who have been married for 34 years and still GOING STRONG.

After Alan had learned about Foundation4Love he quickly did some fun investigative work to see what his wife, Patty would enjoy. You see, Patty IS that ultimate warrior/Superwoman/badass woman you hear about who has been fighting Breast Cancer.

Patty and Alan TOGETHER are a power couple. The love that they exude for one another is honest, authentic and genuine. Foundation4love and our partners, Portland Press Hotel and Akari Spa and Salon were honored to be able to participate in their getaway weekend on Valentine's Day.

Foundation4Love was able to grant Alan and Patty a night stay at The Portland Press Hotel, Dinner and breakfast in bed and the couple were able to sit back and relax with a couples massage provided by Akari!

Alan was even able to write this sweet message on one of The Press hotel's typewriter!!

We had a spectacular weekend. The hotel room, services, couple massages for Patty and I was unbelievable and never had such a professional team for this beautiful experience. We didn’t do this for ourselves during 34 years of marriage. We loved our weekend and words cannot express or describe our gratitude.

-Patty and Alan Boutot.



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