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Our Gift of Giving - Meet the William's Family

st gift (and I think what keeps us energized as entrepreneurs) is our gift of Boutique that stands behind a mission of educating and bringing awareness to the importance of Health and Wellness…BUT the greatest gift (and I think what keeps us energized as entrepreneurs) is our gift of #Giving. Foundation4Love is our non-profit that gives to adults in our community who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis.” Our gift of giving is what we are most proud of at SaltyGirl Boutique. We continue to share our knowledge with our community through our products we carry, but Foundation4Love is our heart. Meet Richard, our recipient for Foundation4Love this month. We received an email from Richard's Sister in law, Candace who described Richard… "Richard is a hardworking man. He is also the most generous man I have ever met, having been seen to give to many a person in need. His generous and charitable deeds often go unrecognized by others because he is ever so humble. You will not hear him flaunt his random acts of kindness. Wherever his travels have taken him in his life you can be sure he has touched a heart with his giving soul. This Journey is a challenge for anyone and he refuses to let his spirit be taken down by cancer. His hardworking nature may play a part in how he has taken on this battle. Richard and Danielle’s struggle is real as they find the balance between keeping life normal for their three children... And I think they’re doing a damn good job at it.” After reading Candace's letter entirely we could not resist giving back to Richard and his family. We want to say a special thank you to our community that assists in the planning for something special for our Foundation4Love recipients. Thank you again to River's Edge Spa and Salon in Kennebunk for hosting Richard and

his wife Danielle to spa treatments. Also thank you to Shannon Bard and Anne Tracey at Toroso Restaurant who will be hosting Richard, Danielle and 8 friends at a private cooking class at Salud Catering in Kennebunk. I know the William's personally and giving back to them this month at Christmas time has been the best present of all for Sarah and I. They are nothing, but beautiful and giving souls and we wish a Healthy and Healing 2017. Our November recipient was a woman who had battled and conquered breast cancer twice...the second time being pregnant with triplets. We would like to give a HUGE thank you again to our giving community. Rivers Edge Spa and Salon, Salt & Honey Restaurant in Kennebunkport as well as Josh Atticks from Lifesessions Photography -- Foundation4Love will be forever be thankful and grateful to be able to incorporate your services for those in our community. Have a loved one or friend that you think should be our next pick for Foundation4Love? Sarah and I would love to hear their story! Please email us at



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