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Ladies Weekend in Rockport, ME!!!

What woman doesn't want to go on a ladies weekend with some of her favorite people?? Meet Heather, (the beauty on the right) who's life was turned upside down this year when she found out she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Foundation4Love was able to send her, her sister Bethany and mom, Sandy to Rockport, ME for the night where they were able to sit back, relax and enjoy each others company without the worry of "cancer"on their mind.

Foundation4Love is our nonprofit Sarah and I created that gives experiences to men and women in our community dealing with cancer.  Our goal is to help alleviate fear and give comfort and bring happiness into one's day.

Receiving Bethany's email asking if our Foundation would give back to Heather was special for me because of many reasons. I remember being Heather's nurse on her first day of treatment. I even remember what chair she was in, chair 12. Heather walked into the treatment room, quiet, appropriately nervous, but you clearly could tell she was ready to get her treatment started. She was accompanied by her sister, Bethany who had the cutest pixie haircut with a streak of pink in it and can't forget their mom, Sandy who reminded me from the first moment I met her of my mom which sums up her pure awesomeness and abundance of love she has for her daughters. Every Thursday I looked forward to my conversations with these three ladies. The next 6 months, I saw Heather on some of her best days and then helped her get through some of her worst days, but as each treatment ended she always left with a smile and gracious thank you to all her nurses that had cared for her.

Sarah and I thought what perfect way to end Radiation and Chemotherapy treatment than to get pampered at a resort!! Foundation4Love was very happy to be able to give back to Heather this past weekend. We want to give a special thanks to The Samoset Resort and their Spa and also to Primo Restaurant for their delicious Farm to Table dinner.

If you know somebody who has recently been diagnosed with cancer and/or has been treated within the past 6 months please email us at and we will work with you to help provide an experience for that someone special.

Heather in Rockport this past weekend looking beautiful and healthy!!!


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