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Giving back to a very special lady - Meet Bobbie Jo!

Friday was a special day with Dr. Thomas's team here at New England Cancer Specialists. Foundation4Love was able to surprise a very special patient after her visit with the doctor. We (as in the team at NECS) has known Bobbie Jo for a couple years now and if you had to explain her in three words you would say she's tough as nails.

Every couple weeks Bobbie Jo comes in for treatment and she is ALWAYS accompanied by her mom, sister and we can't forget her adorable niece, Piper! Her primary nurse, Karen says about her..

"I love how she comes with her tribe...she's a daughter, a sister and a mom fighting cancer. She's an inspiration to us all and she does it in stride."

Giving back to Bobbie Jo was a MUST for many reasons. for one thing, she's a badass lady kicking cancers a**, she's funny as all hell and she is the sweetest person you can meet. It's been a true privilege for the people pictured in this picture to be able to take care of her.

Foundation4Love was able to surprise Bobbie Jo with 4 Red Sox tickets and a limo ride to and from the game, but we wanted to surprise her with this so we were able to coordinate everything with her Mom and Sister, Tanya. When asked, Tanya said that her sister is the perfect person to give to because...

"As you probably know Bobbie Jo enjoys life so very much! She always has and still does put on a good front for her 2 kids. Bobbie-Jo LOVES the Red Sox and her being able to catch a game with her family would be amazing! She would absolutely LOVE it and very much deserves this time!”

Being able to give back to somebody in a way that brings them pure happiness is immeasurable. It truly put a smile on each and everyone of these faces in this picture.

Thank you to the New England Cancer Specialist Team for taking such good care of their patients and of course helping me present this to our recipient, Bobbie Jo.

Much Love,

Leah and Sarah



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