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Giving Back: Kelly Stewart Cassier

Meet Kelly Stewart Cassier, our newest warrior to the Foundation4Love Family. Kelly was diagnosed with systemic lupus 12 years ago when she was 30, and anyone that knows lupus knows it is a chronic and complicated disease to maneuver. During these 12 years Kelly married Jeff, her incredible husband and they have two beautiful girls age 2 & 4.

Kelly has been getting mammograms since she was 30 because of her family history, her mother, sister, aunt and cousin all having breast cancer. Kelly had her mammogram last January 2017 and it was clear. She also had genetic testing that came back with the check2 gene which is colon cancer and breast cancer.

On October 5, 2017 Kelly went in for an MRI followed by a biopsy. At this time she was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma stage I grade 3 October 25, 2017.

Over the following months she had a double mastectomy, and also realized the cancer had spread into her lymph nodes which led to a full axillary node dissection a month later.

Most recently Kelly's body scan showed something in her 11th rib bone that looks like a fracture that the doctors were afraid was metastasis. The bone biopsy came back inconclusive so Kelly's team decided to proceed with chemo two weeks ago and they will see what the chemo does to the bone before biopsying again. Today she is going in for her second round of Chemo.

With everything going on Jeff and Kelly haven't gotten much time as a couple! So we were so excited to send Private Chef Katie Barry of Salty and Citrus Kitchen , to their house for a delicious meal just for them! We also sent a necklace donated by Becomings Jewelry as a reminder to stay strong as she continues her journey with breast cancer!

Thank you for sharing your story with us Kelly---wishing you continued love, strength and the incredible humor you have to get you through this journey!



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