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Last March I got a text from Torie, a dear friend of mine telling me her 22 year old son was diagnosed with Leukemia. HOW does this happen was my first thought and WHY does this happen was my second thought. After recently having my first child I couldn't even fathom Lucy be diagnosed with cancer so as a friend I was heartbroken for Torie and then as a Mom I was even more saddened.

I never had met Brady so like we all do these days you turn to social media for some kind of story you can create in your head to try to relate to this person. My initial thought was what a handsome guy this kid is! He seemed to love sports, have a funny sense of humor (definitely from his Mom), loved hanging with friends, but all around a typical 22 year old kid - A 22 year old kid who was starting the next chapter in his life which is supposed to be exciting, a little nerve racking, but all around FUN!

What I love most about Foundation4Love is we directly work with the family/survivor and try to create an experience for them to help them disconnect from their cancer and connect with family, life and love. Brady completed a grueling 6 month treatment regimen and came out on top. His Mom wanted to plan something special for him and his dream was to always visit California! After receiving his application for Foundation4Love, we were more than excited to help this trip of his come true.

Foundation4Love was able to help with his hotel stay at the Marriott in Anaheim, California. Pictures from his trip looked pretty incredible...from his visit to Venice Beach, Chillaxin poolside, dinners out and than the best picture of all of him in the jacuzzi holding a "Thank You Foundation4Love" sign.

Brady, know that not too many "kids" your age have endured what you have so keep fighting the fight, have a kickass time in your 20's (they sure do fly by) and please know that Foundation4Love was truly happy we were able to give back to you.

Much Love,

Leah and Sarah

Founders, Foundation4Love



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