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Brady and Family giving back through JD's Java

Many may know Brady after reading about him through our blog 1 year ago. Brady was diagnosed with Leukemia on March 6th, 2018 - roughly 1 month after JD's diagnosis. Like JD, Brady is also a recipient of Foundation4Love.

Pictured here is Brady's family - His Mom, Torie, his sister, Whitney and Stepdad, Leon. Coming back to the Gibson Pavilion as a volunteer and not as a patient was in a way surreal for Brady. Since his diagnosis and recovery Brady has been able to go back to work and carry on normal day to day activities that most 23 year olds are doing - enjoying time with his family and friends, going back to the gym and being able to carry on with his job.

To continue JD's Java, helps keep JD's legacy alive. For those of the lucky ones who were able to cross paths with JD you understand why his legacy through JD's Java is in the form of giving - JD's calming, loving and friendly approach is what we want patients, staff, family members and volunteers to feel when they stop by and grab a quick coffee or pastry.

"It felt great to go back to Gibson to shed some positive light on the patient's day. I remember how happy I was to have somebody bring me food and coffee from the outside world. It was good to do the same for others and put a smile on their face."

- Brady Provencher

A BIG SHOUT out goes to Lisa and her staff from Cafe64 in Old Orchard Beach for providing coffee and their famous cinnamon buns for this months JD's Java.

If you would like to volunteer for JD's Java or know of a local Coffee shop who would like to partner with Foundation4Love please email us at




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