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A Much Needed Girls Getaway - Three Sisters and their Mom

Laura's family is similar to mine. Like mine, She also has two sisters and an adoring mom. And one more thing -- she, of three girls has been diagnosed with cancer. After I started talking with her and thinking how Foundation4Love could give back to her it became even more clear that the girls in this family just wanna have fun (now re-read that sentence with Cyndi Lauper in your head)!!! I mean come on...look at these FABULOUS pictures!!!! She told me that they decided to wear the towels on their heads so she didn't 'stick out with the one who didn't have hair out of the group.' Laura said it best, "Hey! yah never could be a great picture for a travel magazine!"

Congratulations to Laura on finishing her chemotherapy treatment a couple weeks ago and enjoying time in the White Mountains, getting pampered at the lovely Spa at Omni MT Washington and then enjoying a fabulous dinner at Stickney's Steakhouse suited perfectly for four queens!

"I Can’t thank you enough Leah and Sarah! Your foundation is now near and dear to my heart." - Laura Conti

Lots of Love,

Leah and Sarah



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