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A Day at the Red Sox!!!!

On Saturday we were able to give back to the Modini Family! And my heart is filled with love getting this email from Amy this morning: "It was more than we could have hoped for in a special family day together. We were able to enjoy ourselves, spend time together, experience new things, and create lots of memories. I feel blessed to have had this experience with Rob and the kids. So from the bottom on my heart, thank you for letting us forget about everything for a day and just have some fun!"

I met Amy almost 10 years ago now when we started grad school together at Simmons College. And like all things you graduate and lose touch with people you saw several times a week. And then about 2 and a half years ago Amy's husband was diagnosed with cancer. When Amy saw that I was diagnosed she reached out----and her friendship has meant a lot to me over these last few years. Most recently Amy and Rob learned that Rob's cancer that was in remission had spread. This past year has been hard, so I am personally so happy to have been given the opportunity to give back to this amazing Family! On Saturday Amy, Rob and their two kids spent the day with the Red Sox. Starting out with batting practice watching the Sox play the Yankees. And Jackie Bradley Jr signed a few balls and even gave his bat to Morgan, since it was her first Red Sox game! Amy shared this about Rob: "Rob is a fighter. His strength is encouraging and inspiring and no matter what comes his way he gets through it and is ready to take on something else. But while he fights this battle, he’s always thinking about others around him, particularly how he can continue to be an amazing husband and father to our seven-year-old son and five year-old daughter. He knows what matters and takes things as they come, always putting us before himself. His strength, optimism, and humor help us all get through each day." Much love to this family and the cancer battle they continue to endure everyday! xo, The SaltyGirls



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