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Mary is an SAP SuccessFactors consultant who has always had a love of helping others. This led her to a background in teaching and consulting.


She believes that being a strong, independently minded woman is one of the greatest qualities one can obtain, and nothing beats being surrounded by other woman with the same fierce nature. This is what drew her to Leah and Sarah and their gracefulness and strength they put into the Foundation4Love.


When Mary was a child, she lost her grandmother, the rock that held the family together, to cancer. Before her passing she asked Mary's grandfather to look out for the children she had met during her time at the hospital. Her grandfather began to devout his life to honoring his wife's request by raising money for the Maine Children's Cancer Program.


What became a tradition that Mary, and the rest of her family partakes in, has turned into over $500,000 raised over the years. This has led Mary to be someone who is very goal oriented, and is always looking for new challenges to work towards that have a positive impact in others lives, and she could not be happier to help make Foundation4Love's success continue to grow for years to come.